Benefits vs. Portable Condition Air Machine

If you are looking for a room air conditioner but are uncertain if a swamp air cooler, also known as an evaporative air cooler, or whether a proper portable air conditioning device will be a better fit for you, then we will go through some swamp air cooler benefits in this article that make it very appealing compared to a standard portable air conditioning unit. The benefits are that it is easy to grasp how the swamp cooling operates, only a selected region of the room can cool, and swamp cooling does not require any ventilation or hoses, and is easy and inexpensive to run. We will also list the key drawbacks for the good measure, which are: swamp cooling will not operate in high humidity states and it will not cool the whole room.


It's quick to understand the activity of swamp air coolers

There's just not much about it, indeed. They blast dry hot air over the water. Since the process of taking up water involves heat, the air is simultaneously cooled and humidified. The humid air is first circulated and ultimately combined with the fresh hot and dry air that comes in, and the process is repeated. Visit here for more information about best air cooler in India.

Cooling the swamp air would only cool a selected region of the room

Since there is no net loss of heat, other than as much damp air that continues to escape from the room, there is little difference in the total room temperature. It would only be happily colder for the region where the damp air is directed from the swamp air cooler, by as much as ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. You should use this feature of a swamp-evaporated air cooler to your benefit.


Swamp air cooling does not require vents or hoses to work.

Due to the simplified activity of the evaporated coolers, and because no guided heat transport circuit exists, no hoses or vents are needed. No reason for the windows to open either. No need to even have windows, in truth.

Swamp coolers are easy to run and silent.

Since there are no compressors, swamp air coolers just suck up less energy from the fans, as low as a 60 W light bulb, and are normally silent while working.


Swamp air conditioning in areas with high humidity would not work.

Because of the basic operation of the above-described swamp air coolers, they would not operate while the air humidity is already high. No more moisture can simply be accepted by the air that blows over the water, which can thus not cool off. That is why dry air coolers are often referred to as swamp coolers. The average humidity of 38 percent for the operation of a swamp air cooler is cited as still acceptable. Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Southern California are the states which easily reach that quota.

The whole room cannot be cooled by swamp air conditioning

As a benefit of evaporative swamp cooling, we mentioned that earlier. Only the areas of the room where you are will cool off. However, you also choose to cool down the whole room as there are more individuals in the room. Which cannot be achieved by even the finest evaporative air cooler? By comparison, when its vents are designed as instructed, a portable air conditioning unit is readily capable of cooling the entire room.